#4for4: ‘Come Over’ is the first single from Ricardo Williams anticipated new EP ‘Intermission’

Ricardo Williams hits 2018 hard with a true R&B banger. To kick off his #4for4 campaign which will see Ricardo release 4 singles in 4 months ahead of the new EP Intermission, which will launch in April. Ricardo drops his first official single of 2018.

‘Come Over’ is arguably one of Ricardo’s most sultry songs. Ricardo cuts to the chase and lets you know exactly what he is feeling on this song with lyrics like ‘I want to show you girl, all the things I do, can’t get you off my mind, can’t get over you!’ It’s clear it’s time to move on from the talking and get physical.

Speaking about the new single and EP Ricardo says ‘I was really playing with music the last 2-3 years but after having a conversation with a local blogger it all changed. In conversation, they said that the Hip-hop and Rap guys seem hungrier than you R&B guys. After hearing that I was like… Nah, next year I’m going to hit you with so much music you’re going to get sick of me.’

And that’s when it started, Ricardo went straight in the studio to get to work on his new album and EP. The reason for both Ricardo explains ‘Whilst writing the album I wrote about 4 songs that felt very different from what I was trying to communicate on the album. It just made sense to put out an EP that reintroduced me to the world as Ricardo the R&B singer. Plus, this EP is 100% baby music and very 90’s R&B-ish whilst the album is more personal and about life… my life.’

2018 is year of R&B and Ricardo is set to be part of the wave that’s about to hit! R&B didn’t die it just went on an Intermission.

Head over to SoundCloud for the full version and free download:

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Credits: Written by Ricardo Williams & Riccy Mitchell | Produced by DG Beats | Vocal arrangement by Ricardo Williams & Riccy Mitchell

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