Australian Rock Band Collegian are pulling no punches with their latest release ‘Black Mass’

Just months after the success of their debut release Vaccine, which debuted at #23 in the iTunes Rock Charts, Top 20 in the AIR charts as well as Top 10 in the Australian AMRAP charts, Collegians are dropping their new single Black Mass.

With Vaccine securing play and interviews on numerous commercial stations in Australia, including rotation on various commercial networks within 10 hours of release, as well as a slew of adds on US college radio stations, the band are set to gain traction and build on their substantial foothold with this new blistering indie rock track.

Black Mass, was recorded at Refinery Recording with production duties once again handled in house by James Leigh in collaboration with fresh new indie label CULTIVATOR RECORDS and mastering by Grammy Award Nominee Chris Gehringer (Linkin Park, FUN, Lady GaGa) at Sterling Sound in New York.

Fresh off the back of the debut success, the aptly titled Black Mass is an aural assault which pulls no punches and will surprise all. It’s an anti-establishment ode disguised as a dizzying after-hours club floor anthem. Vocalist Glenn Patrick’s pleas are barely restrained as it rallies against a feverish electro backbone fleshed out by pummelling drums, insidious riffs and chant hooks. The lyric is ambitious and attempts to cover big themes in a bite-sized chunk of dark indie rock yearning. It has all the flourishes of a pop protest song but with a shadowy, unrepentant heart.

Imagine The Clash’s London Calling on steroids and you’re getting close. And beneath the apocalyptic blasts, there is a deeper craving, a song which is a call-up as much as it is a provocation.

‘Kicking into high gear from the start, the industrial-pop, dark-synth attitude of the track is awesome, but it is when the chorus hits that we truly see the strength and potential of this upcoming band. The vocals are sincere, the lyrics are demanding, and it all just boils down to great songwriting. It’s obvious that I am a fan of Collegians, but I am just one among the many, and that army is growing faster by the day.’ – Ryan Donnelly, VENTS MAGAZINE

‘Black Mass’ is available now from all major digital outlets.

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