‘Broken Pieces’ is the second single from British-Nigerian singer-songwriter, Dara Blaxx

Emotive reflection by Dara Blaxx on consent with new track Broken Pieces. Moving in a totally different direction from her first electronic influenced release which focused on realising your worth fairytaLe, Broken Pieces is an RnB offering produced by BeatsByKO.

The lyrics touch on the important issue of consent and respecting boundaries and how abusing these can affect one’s self-esteem and outlook. Be it in a relationship or an encounter with a stranger/acquaintance, Dara’s insistent words “I did not give you a right to take a piece of me with you” ring loudly as a reminder of the key theme.

“I really wanted to reflect on and express how violating a person’s wishes can mess with their psyche and self-love. I also feel that, as a society, we contribute to this, particularly in the way we attach stigma to people who open up about their hurt”

Dara’s rich voice pulls you in, right from the beginning of the track, with a melody that merges with the beat in interesting ways and carries the listener to an electric end.

The track will be receiving support on BBC Introducing in the West Midlands (BBC WM 95.6) on the 6th January.

Broken Pieces is available to stream on SoundCloud now.

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