Introducing Alternative R&B UK singer-songwriter Alicia Grace and her debut single, ‘Rain’

19-year-old Alternative R&B UK singer-songwriter Alicia Grace was born and raised in Winchester, UK.  In 2015 (age 16) Alicia moved to London to study music at BIMM London where she completed a vocal diploma and a creative degree.

From an early age, Alicia Grace was exposed to the sounds of Erykah Badu, Mary J Blige, ABBA and the Beatles which her grandma use to love. She soon discovered electronic music band ‘Little Dragon’. These artists have inspired her own sound and became the foundations of her musical understanding.

University and the London music scene gave Alicia a chance to discover artists such as NAO and Ravyn Lenae who she became to be incredibly inspired by, not just lyrically but sonically.

It was at university where Alicia met her producer and keys player Stevey Reid. Their collaborations began with covering and performing her favourite music and has now lead to the discovery and creation of a new alternative sound.

Alicia Grace aims to write from a very personal perspective, often her poetic and metaphorical lyrics revealing past life experiences and her journey towards growth as an individual.

Alicia Grace starts the new year as she means to go on, with the release of her first single ‘Rain’ and continues to work on her new music and develop her unique sound.

‘Rain’ is available now from all major digital outlets.

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Credits: Photography by Andreia Da Silva

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