‘Mindfvck’ is the latest release from Moroccan-born singer-songwriter and indie-pop slayer, Ghita

Following on from her viral smash ‘HateULoveU’ and ‘How Low’ in 2016, new indie-pop slayer Ghita returned to blaze another comet-like trajectory through the tastemaker blogs with her newest release ‘Mindfvck’ last month – with the likes of C-Heads, Hilly Dilly and Indie Shuffle all jumping onto a girl they labelled as one of the most exciting pop voices of the year. The viral popularity of her releases so far make them pretty spot-on.

‘Mindfvck’ showcased the Casablanca native’s ability to bend the current pop landscape to her bouncy, seductive edge. With the new visuals pointing a finger to Ghita’s messy, party-minded character, the second track from this effervescent young talent is set to travel even further. Co-written with Jesse St John (Charli XCX), Francci and Peter Hanna (The Chainsmokers), the level of talent jumping in with Ghita underlines the young artist’s already exciting reputation amongst those in the know. Meanwhile the Moroccan-born singer/songwriter has already racked up over 2M streams on Spotify and counting.

Ghita is a serious new pop threat with the bounce, character and vocal ability to stake her claim as a bonafide contender. Demanding attention with its sheer danceability, the new video encapsulates why ‘Mindfvck’ is threatening to be one of the year’s notable bangers. Speaking on the track, Ghita states: “It’s about waking up in the morning and feeling completely different about a person, an idea or a thought you had the night before and not understanding where the sudden change is coming from.”

Miss this girl at your peril; Ghita is an international star in the making, make no mistake.

‘Mindfvck’ is available now on Apple Music.

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