UK Lyricist Whitz drops new independently created mixtape ‘Demos n Stuff: A Short Collection of Nothing Much’

In collaboration with independent producers, the 12 track release features punchy raps about everyday life from the office to London living over a variety of instrumentals from jazz infused boom bap to sub heavy trap. With instrumentals sourced from local artists like Rubio & ESSNINE to name a couple, “Demos n Stuff: A Short Collection of Nothing Much” was born from having an excess of creativity and a lack of expenditure.

Sharing the same inspiration for creativity are Whitz’s fellow members of REGNAD, a team of ever-expanding musical, visual & virtual artists who work in nine to five jobs to fund their goals of becoming established artists. Therefore it’s no surprise that his latest mixtape explores his journey through life as an underground artist that keeps himself afloat by working in a full-time job and loses sleep to chase his dreams.

“Coming from a society that either succumbs to a typical systematic life of settling down and obtaining a career, or, on the other hand, selling their soul to a criminal lifestyle to fund their creative ventures, I wanted the tape to reflect my battle of sitting in the middle of these two ways of living and what I’ve learnt from observing the losses caused by either side of them” explains Whitz.

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Credits: Written by Nicole Breeden | Photography by Zack “ZHEN” Henry.

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