A feel good song written as the solution to bad attitudes and bad weather: ‘Wabi Sabi’ Prod. by Teddy Roxpin is the latest release from MetronOhm

“Wabi Sabi” Will Have You Dancing Your Way Into 2018. A Feel-Good Song Written as the Solution to Bad Attitudes and Bad Weather.

Photography by Emery Becker

Photography by Emery Becker

MetronOhm and Teddy Roxpin collaborated for their first time just after an uncommonly rainy morning at Teddy’s studio in Echo Park. Lead vocalist and instrumentalist of MetronOhm, Annabelle Maginnis, arrived from visiting her sister in the Children’s Hospital, and the group collectively had an odd feeling. Without preconceived ideas for the session, they decided to jam and see what happens. Serendipitously, the very first concept was it! “Wabi Sabi (Can’t Complain)” is a song of gratitude as a solution to discontent.

Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands.la dubs the sound of MetronOhm an, “enchanting bricolage of styles” (Bronson 2018).

Jonathan Reynoso of SF Sonic calls the music of MetronOhm, “a much needed dose of tranquility in this chaotic world” (Reynoso 2017).

MetronOhm has performed within the festival circuit (notably, KCRW/LAWeekly/Buzzbands-bred, Chinatown Summer Nights, and Echo Park Rising) as well as The Echo, Resident LA, The Satellite, The Hi Hat, and more. They are currently in the studio with Rachel White (their producer who assisted mixing this track) and Teddy working on a new EP.

Photography by Lance Williams

Teddy Roxpin has collaborated with some of Los Angeles’s finest including Future, Mac Miller, Iman Omari and more. His recent placement in the opening scene of blockbuster Pitch Perfect 3 displays his beats clearly.
They plan to continue collaborating whatever bad weather may come.

‘Can’t Complain’ is available to purchase via the groups Bandcamp page.

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