A street-rooted fashion label based on a true story: Introducing ENAKA

ENAKA is a street-rooted fashion label for him & for her, founded in memory of Grace Enaka Bessong Tambe, the late mother of ENAKA founder Richmond Bessong (26).

“My mother was a confident women, but because of the looks and comments of others, she no longer felt comfortable in her own skin. She started to question herself and insisted on having surgery to match societies concept of beauty”, Richmond says.

“When ENAKA first launched in 2012, we made a promise of what it was going to be. Ever since we have focused on keeping that promise,” says Co-Founder, Kevin Spalek (25).

The deep, yet simple message: Persevere through the struggle of self-realization and stay true to yourself no matter what they say. The goal is to empower people through fashion, therefore each garment features its own story print.

“The idea is to create an artful, minimal, yet meaningful reminder to maintain individuality in a world that is driven by expectations, patterns and norms”, explains Kevin.

“We feel like every time someone takes a different approach to their appearance, vision or mindset, society is pointing fingers. So, the question we keep asking ourselves is: What are we seeing all the rest of the time?“, Richmond asks.

The current collection consists of 22 pieces, focusing on oversized fits, shapeless and elongated silhouettes, available in a dark, minimal and flashy colour way, representing the brands values. Whether you want to fit in or stand out, ENAKA has got you covered.

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Credits: Photography by Kevin Spalek for ENAKA Clothing

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