An inspiring singer-songwriter with an intense love of music: Introducing Amira

Amira has the look, sound, and smarts to make it in the music industry. Self-taught, Amira strikes listeners with her young look, powerful voice, and confidence. As a performer with unlimited potential, she has the look of Aaliyah and the musical style of Jojo.

Amira always knew that she wanted to sing, but, as a child, she felt more comfortable not being the center of attention. However, as she grew she started to become more comfortable with her talent and realised that she had a gift. Also, being asked to sing in front of tons of friends and family helped boost her confidence.

At the age of 13, Amira recorded her first song. Shortly after that, she entered a talent show. She took home 3rd place and although she was disappointed with her placement, she continued to work toward her dream.

Amira’s influences include: Jojo, Beyoncé, Tori Kelly, Ariana Grande, and Whitney Houston. A lover all music, Amira is a fan of numerous genres. And although her favorites are Pop and R&B, she is willing to listen to any artist from any genre. As long as the song resonates with her, she’s more than willing to add it to her extensive collection of music.

In January 2018, she released a music video for her single, ‘Mathematics.’

Amira is currently in the studio writing and recording her first EP in hopes of releasing it in the near future.

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Credits: Photography: Jackie Hicks | Press Release: Starlight PR

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