Edgy soulfulness with strong modern influences: Introducing singer-songwriter, Rocky

To understand the essence of singer-songwriter Rocky Wallace it is important to know that she was singing before she could talk. Her first childhood memories were surrounded by music and an intense longing to sing. This longing to sing created a void in her life at an early age. Eventually her mom Jackie (realizing Rocky would only be happy if she was singing) convinced a local music school near Detroit to give her voice lessons. Everything changed after that. Singing was her medicine.

“I started taking classical lessons in middle school and then gospel later on,” Rocky notes. “My influences span every genre and era of music. I have a deep fascination with singers and their techniques and study how these singers develop their unique vocal style.” Who are these singers? Stevie Nicks, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Susan Tedeschi, Carrie Underwood, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. When you hear Rocky Sing you hear these influences in her music and vocal style.

Rocky aspires to sound like no one else. “Someone once told me the best compliment they ever received was when a fan told them ‘you sound like you’. That’s something that always stuck with me in developing my own sound. There’s no one else I strive to sound like but me.” Listen to Rocky and you will know that this is the truth.

Rocky’s new single ‘Single Forever’ is available now from all major digital outlets.

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