Hailing from the Republic of Georgia: Introducing vocalist and composer, SALIO

SALIO hails from the Republic of Georgia, a place known to some for it’s harmonic scales and the birthplace of wine, but not by most. A remarkably gifted vocalist and composer she decided to leave her home country and find her place in the wider world.

Moving to London and working with Andrew Hunt provided her with the Lost World EP and him with a Music Producer’s Guild Award for Breakthrough Producer of the Year.

After notable performances at the Black Sea Jazz Festival and Springboard, Houston she was invited to record at Dark Horse Studios, Nashville and Wire Road Studios, Houston.

Deon Estus of Wham! fame and platinum selling jazz saxophonist, Dean James started making arrangements to record with her. The natural beauty in her voice broke Dean’s heart. Just days later he was in hospital for a quadruple bypass operation.

Tony Coluccio, a man who has worked with greats such as Bette Midler, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson then asked her to record in NYC. Tied in with a quick secretive Sofar performance and a cameo at renowned Small’s Jazz Club, it seems that no matter where she goes, those who appreciate true ability will find her.

Having shared stages with the likes of Macy Gray and a recent video post with Joss Stone, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world starts to recognise the magic that the girl from Georgia conjures wherever she may be.

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