Introducing music artist and songwriter, MiKayla Gunn

Introducing MiKayla Gunn, a music artist and songwriter. MiKayla is currently perusing her dream of being able to share her thoughts through the art of songwriting and performing.

When asked about her experience to date, MiKayla explains ‘I have been in several films, commercials, TV shows. I also recently appeared in the new Pitch Perfect 3 movie.’

MiKayla love’s the fact that her career allows her to learn new tricks and meet amazing people, while also helping out others along the way. ‘This is what life is all about. I am very blessed to be where I am today and where I’m going,’ said MiKayla.

Speaking about current and future plans, she explains, ‘I have several music videos out and I am working on some more at the moment, be sure to check out and follow me on my social media sites for more info.’

Any last words?

I am very grateful for everyone in my life along my journey and to all y’all, I say thanks and God Bless!

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