Melodic Wavesmith: Meet UK rap artist and songwriter, Phidizz

Who is Phidizz?

I come from a small city in the East Midlands called Nottingham. Me and my long-time friend Kennze were thinking of nick names for each other when we were around 11/12, He originally thought of ‘Phidizzle’ but as time went on I shortened the name and here I am today as ‘Phidizz’.

When and why did you start music?

I was fortunate enough to have an uncle who was an engineer/co-founder of a rap group called ‘Smokes ‘n’ Bluntz’, and from the age of 9 I was recording and performing alongside the group. I started music because my uncle basically drilled it into my head to express myself through music and I loved writing poetry as well. Music is my best friend…it doesn’t judge me. I can confide in it, and it’s my escape from the madness that occurs in everyday life.

How would you describe the music you create?

I can’t really specify what kind of genre it is…but if I was to personally name it I would say the music I make is branded ‘Melodic Wavesmith’. It’s a combination of soul, pain, anger, happiness and whatever rollercoaster of emotions that I’m going through as I write. I have tested myself for many years and can create many genres of music. I make songs for everyone, but as selfish as it sounds for me too, as I feel music is my diary – I’m documenting all my feelings and experiences in a song. I leave a piece of my story and a piece of myself in every song that I write.

Are there any artists that influence you or your music?

Shxdow has been a big influence. I like how he just doesn’t care if he offends anyone and just openly expresses himself, he taught me that element and taught me how to be a beast on Grime. Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, XXXtentaction, all of these overseas rappers inspired me a lot to be more melodic and to not be afraid to sing and sing your pain from the heart and soul.

Big up Kamar from Nottingham as well, he literally gave me the confidence to sing. We grew up making music together from a young age, he always said don’t worry about what anyone will say just do you. (I don’t know if he knows that haha). Travis Scott influenced me to switch up my attire and dress freely and how you want to, I admire the branding he has and his individuality within the industry.

We like the visuals for your most recent music video, who came up with the concept?

Thank you Niji, much love for the support and enjoying the latest video release! JP (ClearVision) is one talented man! He phoned me up one time and said ‘lets shoot’, after that phone call me, Jae Rhi and JP linked up and made a madness. JP experimented with his new camera lens and green screen on my video for a good month. He made the visuals look amazing and eye catching. I remember I literally screamed with excitement when he sent me the finalised version of the video.

Are there any artist you would love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, XXXtentacion, Drake, Mary J Blige, Chip, Donae’o and a few more. I would also like to collaborate with some more Nottingham-based artists.

Is there any new music we should be looking out for?

I have so much new music coming this year it’s unbelievable, various different genres and flavours. I’m not going to give away any names or dates yet, you are just going to have to make sure your following all my profiles and have the notifications switched on so that you don’t miss the announcements!

What’s your ultimate direction for your music career?

My ultimate direction is to gain label interests and to basically do music full time as a job and career.

My main goal is to build an empire. I’m past wanting the fame, I want to create a record label, booking agency and youth studios facilities. I want to give back and help those who are talented but struggle to get heard or noticed. Everybody wants to be rich, who doesn’t? I seek happiness and want enough fortune to enable my whole family/friends to live life to the fullest and NEVER stress over a single bill.

Any last words?

I’m here to leave a legacy and to showcase my talents. I’m here for you if you’re here for me…’Don’t sleep on me…Dream with me’

Big thank you to Niji Magazine for the interview and support, God bless, OhhBoyyy!

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