Powerful, unique, and defiant: ‘Blocks’ is the new single from UK singer-songwriter, Ebru Ellis

Powerful, unique, and defiant. Just three words to sum up Ebru Ellis’ powerful new single ‘Blocks’.

Released March 30th 2018 Ebru Ellis’ new single ‘Blocks’ is set to take the UK music scene by storm. Full of attitude and defiance and produced by Nathaniel & Night (Labrynth, Little Mix) ‘Blocks’ is R&B Pop with a fresh, new attitude – exactly what the music industry didn’t know it needed.

Ebru’s performance in the accompanying music video shot by Lewis Andrews cements her superstar status, and showcases how talented she is not only as a singer songwriter, but also as a performer.

At the age of seventeen Ebru Ellis was asked to provide backing vocals for Craig David, since then she has gone from strength to strength. Singing alongside Sam Smith, providing backing vocals for his award winning single ‘Stay With Me’ – joining him on TV shows such as Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and Graham Norton. Ebru has also performed at the Elle fashion awards and been given the accolade of becoming an honorary member of The London Community Gospel Choir. Now Ebru Ellis is ready to go it alone and let the world see how much of pop-superstar she truly is.

When asked about the single, Ebru said:

“With Blocks I wanted to encourage anyone whose confidence has been knocked by the opinions of others and to not give up on your dreams regardless of how many challenges come to delay your progress.”

“I lost myself to fit the mould / now I’m picking up the pieces on my own” is a line that sums up the sentiment of the song perfectly. It is about reclaiming independence, and learning to love yourself.

‘Blocks’ starts off simply with vocals and an understated, percussive accompaniment. This minimalist beginning means that Ebru’s vocals are given the time to shine. Ebru Ellis’ voice takes centre stage, a position that she does no shy away from. She is as powerful as she is precise, and as passionate as she is bold.

Ebru Ellis sings that it “Took me some time to find myself”, and the world will soon be thankful that she did. Independent, individual, and confident, Ebru is ready to show the British music scene who she really is. ‘Blocks’ is released on the 30th of March, and it is set to make 2018 a very exciting year for this young London based singer.

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