‘Love, Life and Melody’ is the debut album from Jazz and Blues artist, Mrs. Ippi

Jazz and Blues artist, Mrs. Ippi announces the release of her first 6 track debut album, “Love, Life and Melody.” After spending 9 years performing music that other people chose for her, she finally sat down to find her own voice and her sound. Releasing her first single in 2016, she began exploring a sound, which is hard for her to categorize in boxes. Drawing influences from Jazz, Blues and Soul music, she tries to fuse her roots of Hindustani Classical in her approach to melody and composition through the songs recorded.

The songwriting in the album is a reflection of the changes in her personal life over the last two years. From falling in love and not knowing its fate in “Time Capsule”, to infidelity and betrayal with comical approach in “Between Your Knees,” she has explored many sides of love and relationships, which the listeners will identify with. The album is a result of series of defeats in her personal and public life, which led her to turn towards music to overcome her struggles and take pride in something greater that is her music.

After more than 6 months of hard work, back and forth visits to the studio to achieve perfection, and working three jobs to fund the album, the album is exactly what Ippi had visualized comprising of 6 brand new, previously unreleased songs written and composed by her but arranged in collaboration musicians and band mates, Siddharth Jain and Rythem Bansal who also produced and co-arranged the songs.

The album also features some of India’s finest musicians, Abhinav Khokar (Mumbai), Pranai Gurung (New Delhi), and Kapil Chetri (New Delhi)

‘Love, Life and Melody’ will be available from all major digital outlets in June 2018

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