Easy-listening songs, lush vocal arrangements and memorable hooks: Introducing, The Manta Sidhu Ensemble

The Manta Sidhu Ensemble is a Singer-Songwriter Harmony Group from New Delhi, India. The Ensemble took shape as a collaboration between six exquisite musicians to perform songs written by Manta Sidhu.

Featuring easy-listening songs, with lush vocal arrangements and memorable hooks, the Ensemble’s work stands apart for its uniqueness in sound and distinctiveness in flavor. Surpassing restrictions of age, gender or musical taste, the rich lyrical appeal and melodic depth of the music have garnered much love and interest from listeners and audiences. Undoubtedly, the style that the Ensemble showcases, is the very first of its kind in the Indian singer-songwriter circuit.

Photo Credit: &Switch

Photo Credit: &Switch

Represented by a six member line-up, The Manta Sidhu Ensemble includes three singers, piano, guitar, flute, bass and percussion. The band released their self-titled debut EP on 24th May 2017, as a follow up to two Singles released earlier in the same month. The music is available for purchase on a number of distribution platforms, including OkLIsten, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Saavn and many more. For streaming purposes, the songs can all be heard on SoundCloud.

The Ensemble is Manta Sidhu: voice, guitar | Jazmine Saxena: voice, keys | Sherry Mathews: voice | Nathalie Ramirez: flute | Reuben Narain: percussion, drums | Rahul Rai: bass

Photo Credit: Soubhagya Sagar

Photo Credit: Soubhagya Sagar

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