Introducing the young adventurous quartet, The High Corporation

Get familiar with the young adventurous quartet The High Corporation. It’s difficult saying their fresh off the block, since they’ve been together since 2013, but their ambitions never wanna miss a beat. Let’s avoid saying the overused phrase “They’re striving for new
sound and a never before heard synthesis, so and so”.

This band is focused on giving you chills, experiencing feelings and thoughts that never hit you before. Their hearts cede to satisfy the Cupid and Psyche in all of us, all at once. If we are to labelize the art group, just so you feel more comfortable, we’d lick this one with electronic – soul.

Petr (drums) and Michael (guitar) have known each other since highschool and have a common background starting their musical turmoils in the lovely city of Prostejov, Czechia. Abruptly the same time, Lukas (bass), on one hand, spent his time running ’n chasing around soccerballs; on the other he was chasing metronomes and Miles Davis licks.

Growing up as a missionary kid, Ashley continually traveled in between the US and Slovakia ushering her father’s calling, spreading the gospel. Their mutual taste meet and come together through bands such as The Roots, D’angelo, Flying Lotus, Red Hot Chili Peppers or James Blake.

They all came together at a conservatory in Prague, each initiating their own dreams, only to find that teamwork can make a dream work. It’s easy knowing what your own dream is, but building a communal art is what takes time and effort. Their first public materials are home produce.

In December 2015 they released a music video to the song Maj In June. The band has, so far, released an EP named “When I Went To School”; eventually deciphering their work to the public and hitting a minieuropean tour (Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary,… ) “This is not homework”.

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Credits: All photography by Sully Sundkvist

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