UK singer-songwriter Isaac Waddington presents ‘Nothing Changed’, the first single from his forthcoming debut EP ‘Borselli’

Sometimes an artist emerges seemingly fully-formed; in possession of a talent and power that’s undeniable. Hailing from the South Coast, Isaac Waddington has been a musical man from a very young age. After years of developing his trademark, jazz injected, sounds in the annexe of his parents house, he now comes through with his debut single ‘Nothing’s Changed’.

A remarkably fresh and soulful track that pricks the ears with real invention in the time signature and a languid, gorgeously extended keyboard solo that takes ‘Nothing’s Changed’ way beyond usual expectation. There’s a natural soul to Isaac that can’t be denied – a lyricism that’s both playful and wise. Clearly influenced by 90s neo-soul, the track feels like a golden throwback whilst peppered with the kind of real life content that underlines Isaac’s Millennial upbringing.

‘Nothing Changed’ is the first single of his forthcoming debut EP ‘Borselli’, a five track rendition of his annual visits of life in the charming village in Tuscany, which Isaac describes as “back to basics with one shop, a football pitch and a café”.

It’s not hard to see why there’s so much buzz already around the emerging young Southerner. If this is the first taste of what we can expect from him, be prepared to see Isaac Waddington make serious moves across 2018.

‘Nothing Changed’ is available now via Apple Music.

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