‘Push N Pull’ is the amazing debut release from London based producer & DJ, Cassyette

London based producer, DJ and full-time provocateur Cassyette crashes into the music scene that she has been making her own since 2016 with the brand new, infectious release “Push N Pull”.

A bonafide part of London’s nightlife since graduating from university, Cassyette has earned her stripes DJ-ing in Spain and Ibiza, whilst pursuing her own 80s flavoured take on synth-heavy R&B.

“Push N Pull” is a notably engrossing and polished debut release from the young producer. Blending a sure touch of gloss and melody that conjures comparisons to Blood Orange as much as it does to Ciara. Cassyette is about to start a number of conversations around the strength of this first release.

If it’s a taste of what we can expect from the young artist, it’s easy to tell why the likes of ASOS and Missguided are so keen to collaborate with the tastemaker, 80s muse. “Push N Pull” is a seriously well-crafted, addictive gem that should underline Cassyette’s reputation as not only one of London’s most relevant new artists, but a consummate beatmaker and songwriter. Be prepared to hear a lot more from Cassyette in 2018.

‘Push N Pull’ is available now via Apple Music.

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