Shedding the light on the duality of emotion and strength: ‘Lonely’ is the debut single from indie-soul artist, Beck Pete

If you follow the intricate, hook-y melodies and production of the pop-folk genre, until you find where they intersect with the emotional vulnerability, intensity and desperation of soul music, you will find Beck. She will be looking you right in the eyeballs, telling you every inch of her truth, always afraid to share, but more afraid not to.

Beck seeks to reveal the truths of love and emotion, and remind the world that feeling feelings is, in reality, pretty damn cool. “In a world where strength is encouraged, and expression of feeling has been painted as the opposite of strength, I’m over here arguing that one cannot exist without the other,” she says.

Photo Credit: Adam Dillon

Photo Credit: Adam Dillon

“Lonely,” specifically, showcases the common tactic of being in denial of feelings in order to appear strong. “In our society there is this idea that we always have to be “okay,” or that we will not be well-received. It is my opinion that we are strongest when we are honest with ourselves, and with others.”

This is only Beck’s first single, but she plans to continue releasing songs that showcase and facilitate communication about the sides of love and the human condition that others often avoid.

“The only way that we will move forward in any capacity is to normalize uncomfortable situations. We need to normalize communication. Normalize feeling. Normalize heartbreak.”

‘Lonely’ is available now from all major digital outlets.

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