‘Somber’ ft. morgxn is the new single + video from Swedish duo Lina Hanson and Kris Errikson also known as Violet Days

Violet Days is Swedish duo Lina Hanson and Kris Errikson; part of a burgeoning scene of young, talented Swedish artists crafting addictive, bass-heavy, alternative pop. As ethereal as it is unapologetically huge, this is the first release of the year from an act that seems to have emerged onto the scene fully formed: creating sophisticated, hooky melodies that can’t help but captivate – together with lyrics that scream the muddied apathy of separation and the shared search for love. All tied in with a wonderfully cultish addiction to the themes of Alice in Wonderland and the punchy, emotive visuals of Roy Lichtenstein.

The first release of their upcoming debut EP “Made in My Head”, it’s an immediate banger; no small wonder when you realise that Kris produced one of the biggest hits of the past few years in Chainsmokers’ “Paris”. This is the first taste from a young duo that threaten to inflict equal damage onto the charts and the late-night playlists alike.

Speaking on the track, Lina states:

“Somber is about meeting someone you know is right for you but you’re questioning if it’s the right timing for it or not – and if you’re really ready.”

There’s a raw vulnerability balanced with the kind of huge basslines that holds its own with the finest electronica-based pop coming out of the blogosphere right now. With their debut performances confirmed at SXSW and the kind of cult imagination that takes them way beyond your usual pop stars in the making, be prepared to hear a lot more from Violet Days.

‘Somber’ is available now via Apple Music.

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