Creatively pushing the limits of R&B & Hip-hop music: Introducing UK based duo, Fortune

British Hip-hop and R&B Duo known as Fortune, with its members Luca and Parmar, is creating lifework out of musical passion, providing an opportunity to inspire music lovers of all backgrounds. Fortune takes note from some of the greatest of all time to progress in this aggressive music industry.

Photo credits: James Langley @jlangl

Photo credits: James Langley @jlangl

Fortune was formed serendipitously while Luca and Parmar were working in a restaurant together. The two discovered that they shared similar visions and decided to collaborate and act on this unforeseen fortuity. It was observed that the members’ collective creativity and chemistry was beyond any work that had been individually crafted in past instances.

Before the fateful assembly, they both had impressive backgrounds in music. Luca found love and passion for guitar playing at the age of seven. He was introduced to a wide range of music varying from folk to soul, thus, exposing Luca to the vast styles.

Photo credits: James Langley @jlangl

Photo credits: James Langley @jlangl

Parmar, in contrast to his groupmate Luca, recollects distinct Hip-hop influences that nar-rate divisions of his story. Parmar was introduced to the world of music production at the age of 12, and is self-taught in musical skill, including piano and composition. Today, the artists are tenacious in their pursuit of musical success and innovation. They are always developing ways to creatively push the limits of R&B & Hip-hop music.

Fortune prides itself on approaching musical endeavors with an open mind and without ceilings nor walls. With objectives to establish worldwide recognition, Fortune is destined for historical dynamism.

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