Introducing UK singer-songwriter, Brandon Williams aka Br3nz

Introducing 22-year-old UK music artist and AMG (Aces Music Group) member, Brandon Williams aka Br3nz. Based in East London, Br3nz first got into music when he was at secondary school where he joined his first music group called Wedaarmy.

He established his foundation and recorded his first song ‘Time is Ticking’ with another artist called Mexill. After a few years the group split up and he reinvented himself as an independent artist. Br3nz continued on his musical journey leading him to where he is today.

When asked to describe his genre of music Br3nz explains, ‘I don’t have a specific genre, I think of myself as a diverse artist. I like to experiment different sounds and come up with something new and creative.’

Speaking on one of his singles ‘See It Again’, ‘its something I have been wanting to put out for quite a while. The single is a remake of Sisqo’s club anthem ‘Thong Song’. My intention was to keep the original energy and add my own unique twist on it,’ said Br3nz.

Released on 14th February 2018 his debut EP ‘L.A.T.E Crush’ is a collaboration with fellow artist, Jay Krimzz. The EP is mix of Afrobeats, Dancehall and African with a splash of Pop.

‘L.A.T.E Crush’ is available now via Apple Music and all major digital outlets.

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