Lush harmonies, enrobing synths, a melting pot of creativity: ‘Before We Grow Old’ is the latest release from alternative pop foursome, Mozaics

With a brand new single and a collaboration with J-Hus on the cards, 2018 looks to be a very exciting year for the alternative pop foursome Mozaics.

“Lush harmonies, enrobing synths, a melting pot of creativity” – Wonderland Magazine

Having shared the stage with the likes of Disclosure and Richard Ashcroft, and opening for Sundara Karma and Two Door Cinema Club, Mozaics are now ready to reach even headier heights with their new single ‘Before we Grow Old’, released on the 11th of May.

It was on the festival circuit last year that Mozaics had a chance encounter with J-Hus. Bumping into the foursome backstage he invited them into his adjoining tent for a chat, it was here that he admitted to rapping bars over Mozaics musical interludes during their set. What followed was an exchange of contact details and plans to collaborate.

They are now ready for their success to continue with ‘Before We Grow Old’. The track starts as it means to go on with a punchy drum beat and a harmonious collection of Synths, the bass and guitar soon join the melee creating the perfect canvas for the vocals. The vocals are powerful and yet manage to be incredibly accurate, a vocal technique that is no mean feat. The song builds up throughout the first verse before culminating in a chorus with a hook that you will be humming for days.

The track comes accompanied with a music video that would not look out of place in an art Gallery. Shots of the band are interspersed with sections where only the silhouette of modern dancers can be seen, all set on a daringly bold coloured backdrop. The music video is as vibrant and arthouse as the band are, and makes it clear that this band are certainly not a one trick pony.

Mozaics hit the ground running with the music video for their debut single ‘Do This With Me’ being dubbed as ‘A dynamic representation of love, family and just about every emotion you can muster’ by wonderland magazine. The project, which featured ‘Vikings’ star Alicia Cortina and West End Actor Warren Sollars, quickly garnered critical acclaim for its hauntingly beautiful cinematography and the stunningly tragic nature of the single.

With their rugged good looks and alternative pop sound, Mozaics are going from strength to strength. With ‘Before We Grow Old’ released on the 11th of May, Mozaics are ready to solidify their position in the industry as performers, and not just song writers.

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