Strength, depth and passion: Introducing singer-songwriter, Danelle

Model: Danelle Corbin | Creative Director: Crystal C Harris | Photographer: Timothy W Harris | Studio: Faith Fashion & Photos | Location: Nashville, Spring Hill, TN.

Danelle was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She began playing piano at age 4 and by 14 had added guitar and taken up songwriting. She’s an accomplished actress and model but never strayed far away from her first love of making music.

Her live shows are upbeat, fun, and an entirely memorable experience. Take a listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear such strength, depth, and passion. Danelle recently released two singles and is gearing up to drop a live in studio filming of her latest release, “For Love”.

Model: Danelle Corbin | Creative Director: Matthew Carrier | Photographer: Matthew Carrier | Studio: FashionQPhotography | Location: Nashville, TN.

With roots steeped in jazz, soul, folk, and reggae; fans agree that her music is anything but ordinary.

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