‘Stylish Guy’ ft. Gambimi is the latest release from UK musical duo Yemz and Ddroid aka Wavy Gang

Following the success of their recent release “Hourglass” earlier this year, Birmingham duo Yemz and Ddroid continue to build their own hype as one of the most exciting emerging talents in the UK with their new heater “Stylish Guy”, featuring Gambimi.

The first signing to Birmingham’s emerging Maffia Records, “Stylish Guy” sees the young Nigerian-heritage artists come through with the kind of natural style and hook that’s set to put Wavy Gang bang on the map.

Continuing the tradition of Birmingham’s ability to craft serious chart contenders in Lotto Boyzz and Mist, Wavy Gang, it’s looking like the city has another ace in its sleeve. There’s serious understated flair and finesse here, balancing their rich Afroswing melody. It’s the kind of combination that with the addition of that subtle hook that immediately defines them as ones to watch.

Speaking on the track, Yemz and Ddroid state:

“’Stylish Guy’ came about at the video shoot for our last single ‘Hourglass’ when our manager Maf turned up and said “You lot are looking stylish!” We replied saying “We’re stylish guys…” We thought it’d be interesting to turn it into a song and wrote the hook and sorted the beat the day after.”

With the duo already on tour with the Lotto Boyzz this month, Wavy Gang are steadily establishing themselves as next to come through. As recent Spotify additions to AfroBashment (amongst others) will testify, theirs is a cool, finessed and hooky sound that develops with each release. If “Stylish Guy” is the next level from Wavy Gang, we should see a lot more of them in the coming months.

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