Unfiltered power and rural wildness: Taken from their debut EP ‘Elements, ‘Here We Are’ is the first single from UK band, Lowes

Every so often a band emerges from the ether seemingly fully-formed and coherent; possessing of the kind of natural talent that captivates and the artistic vision that seems precocious. When that band emerges from the wildernesses of the Lake District and Lancaster, full of power and verve – it suddenly becomes a homegrown talent you can’t help but get excited by.

Lowes is Evie Plumb, Luke Paget, Jamie Walker and Oli Kane. Coming together a mere 18 months ago; meeting in Lancaster through the local scene, they began writing and producing songs together between jobs. They now release “Here We Are” as the first track from their upcoming debut EP “ELEMENTS” – recorded in Lancaster.

One listen to the track or look at the visuals will underline exactly why these young artists are so necessary: vital, young and true they bring an unfiltered power and rural wildness that’s as refreshing as it is stunning.

Speaking on the track, the band state:

“’Here We Are’ is about those times when you force yourself to stop for a moment, and recognise just where you are in a certain time and place. It felt like the perfect song for us to introduce ourselves, and our first EP, to the world. It’s about the calm and the wildness you feel when immersed in nature.”

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