‘Dolly Parton’ is the last release from UK hip hop artist and producer, Dukus

South London hip-hop artist and producer Dukus has recently released his newest single ‘Dolly Parton’, his fifth release this year and the first track taken off his upcoming project ’88 Keys’.

Having being the producer for the likes of Giggs, Charlie Sloth and XO Man, Dukus has the ability to produce hit songs, proven in the support garnered in his solo projects from the likes of 1Xtra, Kiss FM and Complex, as well as being featured on the likes of GRM Daily and Link Up TV.

His newest release Dolly Parton, written about his girlfriend who loves Dolly Parton, is a love ballad for the future, inspired by manga and anime and described by Dukus himself as “a song that would be on Bonnie & Clyde’s playlist if they lived in the Blade Runner 2049 universe.”

Taking a unique and natural approach to the writing and recording process, Dukus comes up with the ideas and flows with what sounds good as he’s producing. Aiming towards what sounds good melodically initially, the rest seems to flow pretty organically.

The single itself is available to stream and download via all major platforms now. Having drawn comparisons with the current leaders of the hip-hop genre such as Travis Scott, Russ and Post Malone, Dukus’ next project release 88 Keys is something to keep an eye out for.

‘Dolly Parton’ is available now via Apple Music and all major digital outlets.

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