From alternative R&B to Dancehall hits: Introducing UK-based, Swiss born singer-songwriter, FAY

Photo Credit: Deka Aden

R&B/Pop artist FAY makes her way up the charts with her single #CandyCrush reaching number 27 in the UK Music Week Commercial Pop charts.

From alternative RnB to Dancehall hits, FAY makes music that appeals to the masses yet relates to niche audiences.

Photo Credit: Adrian GL

In 2017, FAY released her first EP, “Purple”, collaborating with producers and artists from all around the world, with her music falling under what we would expect from the likes of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez to alternative artists like Banks or Lorde.

FAY has received a considerable amount of press and has performed all around London. FAY is currently working on her upcoming album. “I hope people remember where I come from when hearing my album, I hope they don’t misunderstand me”, she says, “I’m just digging a little deeper, and that inevitably brings out some ‘ugly’ truths'”.

Photo Credit: Adrian GL

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