‘IDOLS’ is the new F/W 2018-19 collection from MAX.TAN

This collection questions the existence (or lack-of) of the boundary between black and white – right and wrong. Inspired by idols from Ancient Egyptology, this monochromatic collection presents the frequently discussed topic in a new minimal light.

Sumptuous use of fabrics together with deconstructed details, wrap round one’s body in caftan like garments. A circular loop seen on top of the Ankh, informs sleeves that are co-joined at both ends. Anubis’ weighing of the heart against a feather, sees lopsided garments take on an asymmetrical construction and draping approach.

Filled with intentional “mistakes” made aesthetically right, it pushes the boundaries of what is deemed right and wrong and whether there are any grey areas; in design and in life.


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