Inspired by life experiences: ‘In The Beginning’ Chapter 1 is the debut album from UK artist, David Blaxk

22-year-old David Blaxk from London is releasing his first selection of songs in the form of ‘In The Beginning’ CHAPTER 1, available since 9th April. Although he has created music before, this is his first release to the public.

David Blaxk started performing at the tender age of 5 and began writing at 12, he was brought up on the music of his Ghanaian parents; pop king Michael Jackson and countless jazz records. However his musical development was side-tracked at age 18, having to focus on earning money for his family – a family that had looked after him well in his early years.

The tracks on ‘In The Beginning’ CHAPTER 1 are inspired by these experiences of having to constantly move around London, staying with numerous different family members. The first and second track, Broadway and James Dean respectively, is a reminiscing song about a deceiving ex-girlfriend. Paul Dybala is a track similarly inspired by deception, although this time from an artist who had met David Blaxk and his producers and subsequently talked them down behind their backs.

In Her Interlude – the third track – is a song about the personification of sin as a female, leading to several double entendres. The final two songs are almost polar opposites, Let Me is a dark song of being lost in the world and having no idea where your future lies, flipping straight to In My Zone, an aptly track where David Blaxk has found his zone and purpose.

‘In The Beginning’ CHAPTER 1 by David Blaxk is available now through iTunes and Spotify, follow his social media to miss his future releases and shows.

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