‘Stay For The Night’ is the powerful debut single from UK electronic soul singer-songwriter, Gazelle

Liverpool Electronic Soul singer-songwriter Gazelle delivers powerful debut single ‘Stay For The Night’, produced by Tom Anderson and Xamvolo.

Gazelle is one of the leading lights in the North-West’s burgeoning Soul music scene. The 25 year-old singer-songwriter has been co-signed by a wealth of regional tastemakers, who have been taken by her special style of melodic soul, tinged with equal measures of Pop and Jazz. Despite starting music only a few years ago, Gazelle has amassed a loyal following and has recently found her sound – which can be heard on ‘Stay For The Night’, which was produced by local producer, Tom Anderson, with additional production from Liverpool’s soul talent Xamvolo.

‘Stay For The Night’ is a masterful soulful alt-Pop record that centres around the story of a passionate connection between strangers during a festival. A story which is more fact than fiction.

“It’s important to me for my songs from personal experiences or a true story that I’ve witnessed.‘Stay For The Night’ is actually about how my friend met her boyfriend in the crowd at a festival we were at; that bubble of pure contentment when you automatically connect with someone you meet and you don’t want the night to end” – Gazelle

‘Stay For The Night’ is available now via Apple MusicSpotify and all major digital outlets.

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