‘Words Unlocked’ is a poem about self love and being loved for your character by Aaliyah Esprit

Since the recent success of her January single campaign for track ‘Energy’ (Support from XL Recordings, Mixmag, Worldwide FM and Martin Garrix) Aaliyah Esprit has exploited her artistic and creative talents to produce a short piece of film that is based on themes of self love and being loved for your character.

Musically Aaliyah takes inspiration from a range of different genres but especially Neo-Soul, with artists such as Floetry and Lauryn Hill being regarded as her key influences. Aaliyah however views her passion for writing and reading poetry as the key starting point for all her songwriting. ‘Blow Your Mind’ the first poem in the film is a perfect example of this…

Aaliyah discusses her poetry and her inspiration behind filming the short film below…

“The poetry in the film talks about self love which is something that I had to learn over time and if you have it and your comfortable in the skin you’re in, you can be free to express yourself in anyway you want. I found the beauty in my identity, in my race, in who I am and discovered that i’m not just one thing, I don’t just make one type of music, there’s so many different sides to me and this short film is me displaying that.”

“I wanted to show a different side to my artistry and I felt this was the perfect way to do it. The last few tracks i’ve put out have been slow vocals over trapsoul beats and none have included my poetry which is such an important part of who I am. I decided to do this poetry short film as not only would it put my poetry in the forefront but halfway through, the tone switches and you get a preview of my new track that comes out next month. You can tell from the second that the beat drops that my sound has taken a fresh new direction.” – Aaliyah Esprit

Since leaving her hometown in Nottingham, Aaliyah has established her music career in Manchester and more recently Bristol…where she is now an integral part of the cities ‘Cosmic Soul Collective’ – a group of young creatives who are working together to provide a platform for musical and artistic minds to combine and exhibit their creativity.

At the beginning of the year, Aaliyah was announced as a new pupil of the highly respected ‘Future Bubblers’ programme curated and mentored by Gilles Peterson and the Brownswood label. She will also be live in session for Gilles in July to perform and record a track in the ‘Brownswood Basement’

With the likes of Ruth Kilpatrick (PRS For Music) describing Aaliyah as an “exciting prospect for 2018 and beyond” along with a succession of support shows with artists such as Denai Moore, Ash Walker and Xamvolo… Aaliyah is already displaying her potential of becoming a prominent solo artist in the UK music industry.

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