Introducing Dutch singer-songwriter Juliet July and the video for her latest release, ‘Don’t Run’

Juliet July is an all-round talent from Amsterdam who works in various creative fields. Making music, acting and working as an international model are the main examples. A lot of her inspiration is retrieved from traveling which she translates into her lyrics and concepts. Performing has always been a key factor in Juliet’s life.

During high school, Juliet was placed in a special theater class and she ultimately played in several musicals and plays. In addition, she completed an International Bachelor in Communication & Media which included a motivating study semester and internship in The United States. Upon return, Juliet’s mind was made up. She was finally going to do what she has always wanted to; focus completely on her singing career. Juliet went to the Herman Brood Academie – a music school in The Netherlands – where she further developed herself as an artist. During this period she was a part of the Streetsoul group Lucid with whom she released an album and several video’s.

It is now time for her solo music. Juliet just got back from South Africa where she lived and worked on music and other creative endeavors for a couple months. Her music can be described as a fusion of alternative R&B / Soul / Jazz which she, in the future, wants to expand with Funk elements.

The music video for ‘Don’t Run’ is partly shot in Capetown , South Africa and partly shot in Amsterdam. The song, produced by Virgil Lewis, is about duality in love. Wanting to love but pushing that person away, simultaneously, out of fear.

‘Don’t Run’ is available to purchase from Apple Music and stream via all major digital outlets.

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