‘Left To Fight’ is the gorgeous new release from UK singer-songwriter, Purple Ferdinand

One of the country’s most beloved and elusive young R&B stars, Purple Ferdinand, follows on from her critically-acclaimed EP “Rain or Shine” last year – making THE FADER’s “Best R&B EPs of the Year” – with her gorgeous new release “Left To Fight.”

Continuing a breathtakingly natural ability to craft moving and substantial songs from seemingly thin air, the last year has seen the artist writing and living back and forth from Bermuda, exploring being an independent artist and the freedoms and insights that it brings.

Speaking on the track, Purple states:

“’Left to Fight’ was written a little while back, yet the sentiment remains the same today; it’s an insight into my views on my experience in the music world at the time, about social standards and simply the pressures we can feel -leaving us with this pure need for honestly and justice. You feeling left to fight for what you believe.”

Whenever Purple releases a new track it seems to mark a pivotal moment in her life, and the return of such a pure, homegrown talent continues to keep us enthralled.

‘Left To Fight’ is available now via Apple Music.

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