Memorable hooks & saturated dynamic 808’s: ‘Moschino’ ft Troupez is the latest release from UK rap artist, Tynee DuzDis

Drawing on the influences of Birmingham local and leading grime artist Depz Man, Tynee Duzdis delivers his formidable second annual release, the captivating single ‘Moschino’, with the help of a guest verse from crew member Troupez.

Establishing his love for music from the early age of 13, Birmingham born Tynee began writing lyrical content. In the following three years as he honed his skill set Tynee started to upload his songs over select instrumental tracks. Influenced originally by Jamaican roots and Dancehall music, Tynee now focuses his songwriting towards Hip Hop and Grime, making sure to include a blend of sultry vocals alongside his rap.

Moschino is full to the brim with memorable hooks, saturated dynamic 808’s, that really lay the foundation of the track and refined verses from both Tynee and fellow crew member Troupez.

Tynee Duzdis’s care for authenticity is apparent in the songwriting showcased by ‘Moschino’, this sincerity coupled with ACLASS TDK’s extensive production ability allows for this track to stand out. Written in just under 20 minutes this track is the brainchild of spontaneous creativity.

Having featured on the very successful Youtube channel Link up TV, which has 1 million subscribers,Tynee is already beginning to get the recognition that he sought when he began writing. After four years of uploading clips and songs via numerous platforms Tynee Duzdis has amassed an impressive online following.

Moschino was released on the 9th of May 2018 across a number of platforms, this is Tynee’s second official release to date, but certainly not his last. In order to engage with his fans Tynee releases short clips and videos outlining the writing process on instagram.

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