Reflecting on the light and darkness of love: ‘Could It Be You’ is the latest release from UK singer-songwriter, Sascha Osborn

‘Could It Be You’ is the first single from Sascha Osborn’s debut album, ‘Looking Out and After’ recorded and produced by Patrick Wood. The lyric, inspired by ‘Lunch Poems’ by Frank O’Hara, was written one lunchtime on a park bench overlooking the River Thames, reflecting on the light and darkness of love. Reminiscent of Greenwich Village it captures a jar of contemplation through delicate vocals, cyclic extended guitar chords, choice double bass and sensitive percussion, beautifully produced.

Sascha Osborn is a London based singer-songwriter of reflective and heartfelt folk songs, inspired by jazz harmony, soulful melodies, descriptive lyrics and a love of simple everyday natural beauty.

An unexpected mandatory six-month hiatus from singing proved to be a catalyst in finding her stylistic voice. Unable to sing, she listened to mountains of music, started writing songs on the guitar, singing melodies in her head and then, following further and fuller engagement in song writing, released her debut five-track EP ‘Love Finds You’ on 14th September 2015, which Sascha describes as a defining moment, ‘My pencil sketches became watercolours, an amazing experience.’

Further developing Sascha’s distinctive sound and influences, her debut album introduces the musical personalities of the talented Patrick Wood (guitars, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, piano) Roy Dodds (drums and percussion) and Simon Edwards (double and electric bass.) If, the EP is a watercolour, then the album is an oil painting weaving shades of hope, loss, change, love and reflection; due to be released Autumn 2018.

‘Could It Be You’ is available to purchase from Apple Music and stream via all major digital outlets.

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