Taken from his upcoming debut EP, ‘Little Love’ is the first single from emerging UK singer-songwriter James Smith

Born in Upton Park, emerging singer-songwriter James Smith was signed to a major label by the age of 17, writing for himself and other artists. Still only 19, he now comes through with his own debut track “Little Love”, from his debut EP of the same name.

Brought up around his parents’ musical tastes, the teenager absorbed the likes of Bob Dylan and Billy Joel before latching onto Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway; to this current day, the young artist is obsessed with jazz-influenced performers such as Amy Winehouse, Chet Baker and D’Angelo.

The first release from his debut EP, “Little Love” exhibits an extremely well-honed singer and lyricist with serious charm and young wit, a notably precocious mix of Jamie T and the soulful muses of his early teenage years. Still, it’s the sense of graft and dedication even at this early age that sets this track apart. Pop leanings certainly, but James’ potential feels like we’re only scratching the surface.

Speaking on the track, James states:

“’Little Love’ comes from the idea that sacrifices need to made in order to achieve dreams. In my case, I’ve given up a lot of my social life and sanity in the hope of achieving something in music – turning down holidays, parties, whatever. As a result, I end up spending weeks on end alone in my studio – hence the need for a little love.”

If this is a taster for what we can expect from James, then it would feel that the struggle has been worth it. A definite name to watch for 2018.

Stream / Purchase ‘Little Love’ EP here.

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