A song about standing still: ‘Repeat’ is the new release from a brand new pop-project from Denmark, MAGNUS

A brand new pop-project from Denmark is ready to see the light of day. MAGNUS released his first single ‘Repeat’ on June 8th, which has now been followed up with a music video for the track.

‘Repeat’ is a song about standing still, the creeping feeling that you are living the same day, month, year again and again. We all have so many hopes and dreams for the future, but when everyday life comes knocking and the clocks ticks ever faster, it can almost feel like you are an anonymous bystander in your own life.

The whole repetitive theme has been visualized in the music video made by Julius Mydtskov. The video greets you with a constant flow of abstract and repetitive frames none of which are random. The way it is edited and the images chosen are heavily influenced by fractal geometry and its principles of infinity. Specifically the video evolves around the famous mathematician, Mandelbrots set (Z=Z2+C),which mathematically behaves like a dog chasing its own tail, in a never-ending battle that can’t be won. Take a look into MAGNUS world right here.

‘Repeat’ got a solid start since the release on June 8th. It’s been added to numerous Spotify curated playlists like “Believe The Hype” and “New Indie & Alt” as well as getting airtime on Denmark’s leading radio “P3”.

MAGNUS is currently working on his first international EP and you can expect to hear a lot more from him during 2018.

‘Repeat’ is available from all major digital outlets now!

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