An array of stimulating tracks: Tee Noah delivers an array of stimulating tracks on his newest EP release ‘Little T’

Tee Noah delivers an array of stimulating tracks on his newest EP release ‘Little T’. The EP ranges from the soulful gospel touches of tracks such as Revelation all the way through to the hard hitting likes of Mankind. Despite this EP emitting an overarching feel good overtone, Tee Noah still manages to address significant questions surrounding love, hope and despair.

Drawing on the influences of the likes of J Cole and Tupac, Tee Noah proves his lyrical ability with both poetic content and rhythmic delivery. Taking inspiration from varied genres ‘Little T’, is the brainchild of multiple styles formatted expertly by Tee Noah, this translates well throughout the EP and helps to add to the diversity between tracks.

Having quit his previous position as a lawyer Tee Noah transposes his ethic for hard work and perseverance toward music. Each track on this EP is accomplished and carefully thought out. Backed by the well established production and mixing work of Imraan Paleker and James Angus, Little T has a song for every mood.

Having been adopted and migrating out of Australia, Tee Noah discusses his feelings toward family and the universal topic of being stuck at life’s crossroads. Being a lover of music since a young age and being driven by the inspiration of quitting his run of the mill job, Tee aspires to become globally known, this driving point behind the EP is evident and the sincerity shows in the content.

Last year Tee Noah featured in Asset, an online blog, in which they praised his innovation and emphasise that he shouldn’t exist in the same category as other up and coming artists. This coupled with a growing social media presence and a total of over 52,000 plays on his previous Spotify releases showcases that Tee Noah is already beginning to make waves within the industry.

‘Little T’ is available now via all major digital outlets.

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