An emotionally charged synth pop album: Kiev born singer-songwriter Eshtar presents her new album ‘Sound Of World’

Kiev born Eshtar delivers an emotionally charged synth pop album titled Sound Of World that addresses her challenging life whilst remaining relevant to all listeners.

From an early age Eshtar has been involved with music, having attended a music school at an early age, she began to develop an extensive skill set which is showcased across her 6 track album. Growing out of a hardship only a handful of people have the misfortune to make claim to, Eshtar instils Sound Of World with passion and sincerity that is instantly recognizable. Driven by the hardship Eshtar wishes to leave behind her and an irrefutable infatuation with music, Eshtar certainly has the means to make an impact.

Backed by an impressive array of well produced instrumental tracks, Sound Of World is full of complex integrated textures, warm low end bass sections and ever changing drum beats. Because of the wide range of sounds used, the dynamic of the album is substantial and incites a feeling of professionalism. Eshtar’s creativity is apparent across a number of facets, not only does she write the lyrical content herself, but is well versed in the production, instrumental and compositional value of her tracks, which allows Eshtar to incite a greater feeling of originality on this album.

With a professionally filmed and produced music video for Eshtar’s single ‘Sweet Lie’ under her belt, her own website, and a well sought after social media presence, Eshtar is in great form to make the impact that she is hoping for. Sound Of World was released on the 27th June 2018 and is available across major platforms.

‘Sound Of World’ is available now via iTunes.

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