Contemporary Hip Hop at it’s most infectious and compelling: ‘Problems’ is the latest release from New York based MC and songwriter, Akiem Small

‘Problems’, contemporary Hip Hop at it’s most infectious and compelling, was engineered by Andrew Krivonos and will be available digitally in both clean and uncensored versions from all the usual major platforms. A song about a man who complains about money and loves women, the track is a fusion of Trap and R&B, but also takes it’s influence from Hip Hop and Retro R&B.

“Problems tells a story about the type of person I am – a problem solver” commented Small. “Problems come in all shapes, sizes, and forms and I know these are lyrics many, many people from all kinds of environments can relate to.”

Born in the West Indies, Akiem Small made his way to New York determined to make his mark on the city’s music scene in 2014 and has been based there ever since. An artist that strives to make heartfelt and honest music, he writes and sings about urban life and what’s going on around him. The last four years in his new hometown have certainly been eventful and he’s gained more than an albums worth of material from the experience.

A truly exciting young and rising rap prospect, the multi – talented Small is without doubt one to watch and although he has yet to play live publicly, he has thrilled those lucky enough to catch him perform at close quarters.

“Problems by Akiem Small is my favorite single of the season so far. He has a very versatile rap flow and I can’t wait to hear more from him.” Michelle S. – Boston

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