Inspired by the divisive political social media discussions in America: ‘No Gods’ is the latest release from emerging artist, EMM

New music from singer-songwriter, producer, performer and women’s advocate represents the greatly divisive political views facing America today.

EMM presents her new single titled, “No Gods.” The single is an uptempo anthem and takes a wide blend of musical inspiration from artists including Kanye West and No Doubt. The song deeply represents the divisive political discussions that happen on social media in the current landscape of America.

EMM is from a small town of 14,000 in the midwest of the U.S. She boasts a powerful story of surviving the music industry and having moved to New York City when she was only 16 years old. She connects with her fans on a deep, emotional level. She often speaks and sings about mental health issues, women’s issues and suicide awareness. Having faced many struggles herself, she has become a voice of hope and encouragement to young men and women all over the world. EMM also has a unique perspective as a female producer, given that only 5 percent of music producers are women.

EMM has performed at the largest arenas across Los Angeles to the smallest clubs. She is a passionate performer and multi-instrumentalist having been classically trained and raised by two full-time classical musicians. Her social presence is growing daily and she currently boasts over 15 million views and 200,000 followers across her channels.

This is EMM’s first release since 2016 and will be followed up by consecutive releases that will follow throughout the rest of the year. She is one of the promising new artists working with Kobalts new Independant branch, “AWAL.” Her latest release has received warmly by her fans and she looks forward to seeing her fan base continue to grow.

‘No Gods’ is available now via all major digital outlets.

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Credits: Photographer: K. Sarrico: | Stylist: Khai St. Lawrence

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