Reminiscing on pivotal points in his life: ‘Colder Days’ is the new EP from UK singer-songwriter, Lewis Ross

Influenced by the likes of Bon Iver and Bombay Bicycle Club, Lewis Ross provides us with 5 emotionally charged tracks that leave room for serious rumination surrounding life and love.

Reminiscing on pivotal points in his life, Lewis Ross addresses some of the universal thoughts and feelings surrounding young love and regret in his EP Colder Days. Filled with ethereal vocals layered on top of delicate yet intricate guitar and piano sections, Lewis Ross conveys a strong feeling of authenticity that is universally relevant. This paired the with the composition and arrangement quality of Colder Days showcases it’s promise.

Formed from the humble environment of his bedroom in Edinburgh, Lewis Ross has been compiling this EP for the previous two years. In regard to his songwriting Lewis pays particular attention to detail, this ultimately secured him a position on the indie folx spotify playlist “the best of indie folk 2018”.

The fourth track on Colder Days titled ‘signs of life’ was co written with esteemed and famous songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich, who saw enough potential and talent from Lewis that he wanted to be a part of the creative process. Colder Days was recorded and produced by Garry Boyle, who is a well established producer within the Scottish music scene. Lewis has also appeared on radio shows within Scotland after recently releasing his debut single ‘Come On Home’ which has been met with critical acclaim.

Already beginning to garner a serious following in and around Scotland, Lewis Ross continues to expand his demographic via the various social platforms that he utilises. Radio appearances, spotify playlists and co writing songs with notorious songwriters add up to a significant beginning to Lewis’s career.

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