An unembellished commentary on loneliness and avoiding awkward social situations: ‘lit’ is the latest release from singer-songwriter, Lilith Ai

Following a strong DIY ethic, singer-songwriter Lilith Ai has recently released her second single this year lit. With previous support from the likes of Clash, i-D and The Fader, live performances on stage at Glastonbury Festival, and radio play from Tom Ravenscroft on BBC Radio6, her newest single is a mesmerising fusion of urban beats and distorted acoustic guitar brought together by the distinctive raw vocals of Lilith Ai.

Born in North East London, Lilith grew up streetwise, running away to America in her early teens, she spent a couple of years living on the streets of Queens, New York, leading to the authentic sound and feel that runs through her releases. Offering a sonic snapshot of urban life through her clear lens, Lilith doesn’t hesitate to reveal an unfiltered insight into her dark life experience.

Her newest single lit is an unembellished commentary on loneliness and avoiding awkward social situations. Originally written on an acoustic guitar, Lilith wanted to give the track a grittier edge so experimented with beats with producer Johnny F K until the sound was right, eventually leading to the recording of the track in both Lilith and Johnny’s bedrooms. Travelling from sensitive vocals to red-blooded riffs, lit is a captivating single that continues to pioneer the alternative soul movement.

Accompanied by a self-made animated video that reflects the lo-fi, DIY ethic presented by Lilith, lit is available to stream and download via all major platforms now along with the official video on YouTube.

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