Introducing Canadian singer-songwriter and performer, Tatyana D’Voce

Born in Toronto, Canada, Tatyana is an experienced performer, delighting, even amazing, all that have had the pleasure of hearing her powerful and unique voice that has already gone international, her high energy impact has astonished viewers everywhere.

Meet the very talented Tatyana D’Voce. Live performances have been Tatyana’s passion for many years. She performs from various genres allowing her to display the range of high notes- her diversity in styles singing disco 70’s, Mainstream Pop, Rock, and Latin music has allowed her to captivate spectators.

She has also been very busy for the past few years. July 2016 and 2017 she was awarded as the best international artist in Guayaquil, Ecuador at the “Ancla Dorada” Awards, performing for over 15,000 people during her tour in Ecuador.

2017 was an incredible year of collaborations, including performing at “A World Away” concert, a multicultural event, bringing together different instruments from different countries to produce one sound. A band that included musicians from oriental, Portuguese, Hispanic and Caucasian background, joined Tatyana in closing the show with her two most popular records “Amame O Dejame” and “Dime Que Me Amas”.

In 2018, Tatyana’s followers from Ecuador have been growing rapidly, as she was invited to perform at the “Fiestas de Guayaquil” in July, as the city celebrates their independence. With over 60,000 attendees, Tatyana D’Voce will put on a show with various covers, and original material to captivate her audience.

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Credits: All photography by Russell Sanchez

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