Introducing emerging Canadian rap artist, Tree Fiddy

Tree Fiddy is an emerging Canadian rapper from the Toronto streets, making waves since his first single “Rockstar” hit all digital platforms.

Born and raised in the Jane and Finch area for most of his life, gaining respect by free styling amongst peers and showing people that he had a musical talent to offer. With the release of his newest single/video “Amazing”, Tree Fiddy has been grabbing the attention of many people, such as other Toronto rappers like Pressa and even UK rappers such as K Koke.

Dropping out of university and starting out his music career in January of 2017, he knew his previous nickname wouldn’t be a good fit for his stage name so he came up with Tree Fiddy. A play on words from a Southpark episode that resonated with him since he a young teen, in the episode the lochness monster keeps asking for $3.50.

Many fans also understand the reference by calling him “the lochness”. Lyrics from Handout: “Everyone wanna be sick, I’m the doctor, Didn’t let me in, I kicked off the lock brah, Urban myth, just call me the lochness.”

Proving what type of musician he is, his knowledge of the street life and his book smarts gained from 3 years at the University of Toronto shows off his lyrical ability to make a song that is both catchy yet informative. Definitely, a rapper to keep your eye on.

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