Introducing the unique musical EDM duo known as NOHC

NOHC (‘knock’) is a unique EDM duo comprised of vocalist Suzanne Real and DJ, Producer and Guitarist Kris Von.

NOHC (N-O-H-C scientifically) are essential elements and important derivatives of the chemical formula for adrenaline — a must-have for that “BOOM! in life”. NOHC’s sounds are influenced by multiple subgenres within EDM, including dubstep, electro-house, and trances as well as a variety of rock and hip hop elements.

There are no limits to the seamless, collective blend of Real’s soulful vocals and Kris Von’s dubstep influences that create NOHC’s signature sound. Together they equal a sweet and powerful musical fuse of all the subgenres mentioned above.

The group has taken it’s one of a kind live show Coast to Coast playing events and venues such as South By Southwest, Dewey Beach Music Fest, Webster Hall and a tour run opening for Bass Physics and Elliot Lipp while pushing their singles, “Forgotten,” “Here For You,” “Hero,” and their first EP “OH, HELLO,” out now via Flashing Yellow Records!

Check out more of NOHC’s music on Apple Music.

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