Taken from her new album ‘Breakthrough’, ‘Red N White’ is the latest release from Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop Crossover artist, Jazzy

Jazzy is Omaha, NE leading female Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop Crossover artist. Jazzy now resides in Atlanta GA. Her recent album, Breakthrough, is getting reviews and awards nationwide. The album contains 8 songs, all of which are original, Billboard top 100 type material. Jazzy’s Red N White single has been getting national exposure on several stations and growing.

Red N White has become quiet the anthem for Omaha NE. This extremely catchy tune/video on YouTube, has reached industry competitive numbers. More recently the video premiered on Worldstar Hip Hop and received 1 Million views in 4 days! This is a new accomplishment for our team.

Her music is marketed to both young and older listeners, but her most popular listening audience is high school, college and young adults (range 16-35).

‘Breakthrough’ is available now on Apple Music and all major digital platforms.

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