UK artist T8PES infuses a wide range of stylistic approaches on his latest double A-Side release ‘I Feel Good’ & ‘Comin’ Up’

Drawing on wide ranging influences from artists such as The Prodigy, Elbow & Kanye West, Birmingham artist T8PES infuses a wide range of stylistic approaches on his latest double A-Side release I Feel Good / Comin’ Up.

Driven by vibrant & uplifting production, I Feel Good is a summertime anthem complete with infectious hook, complex lyrical content and rhythmic delivery. Moving away from the standard washed out Hip Hop narrative of violence, drugs and money, T8PES touches on some of the more elusive questions in life whilst also trying to spread a message of community, love and positivity. Midlands artist Luke Truth provides feature vocals on the track bringing a flavour of RnB to the melting pot.

Comin’ Up on the other hand nods to a bygone era when clubbing was king and meeting someone meant arranging to see them on the dancefloor of a packed nightclub. Featuring artist Kezia Soul brings a soulful element with her distinctive vocal style while the production has both an old skool flavour and modern edge.

As both writer and producer of I Feel Good and Comin’ Up, T8PES injects even more individuality which is apparent in both the compositional and arrangement aspects of both tracks.

Maintaining an all encompassing persona of old skool dance culture and future sounds, T8PES intends to fuse modern day grime & Hip Hop with some of the trends prevalent during the rave era of the 90’s. With a wide range of influences to draw on and infusing a number of styles, T8PES delivers this reminiscent 90’s depiction accurately throughout Comin’ Up.

With debut release Flashback receiving positive online features and 6 Music airplay, T8PES continues to make an impact with his new double A-Side follow up. I Feel Good / Comin’ Up is set for release 9th August 2018.

T8PES strives to be something both old and new, managing to revive and pioneer a sound that is woven into the fabric of British culture.

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